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Leadership Academy

PPAR's Leaderhip Academy was one of the very first in the nation in our industry! The goal is to develop quality REALTORS® equipped with the skills and knowledge to become leaders across the real estate industry who can help impact communities and even politicians in a positive way.


PPAR and the Real Estate Industry are in need of people full of integrity and wisdom who can help the organization innovate in new ways in order to help our industry move forward into our second century. Academy Nominees should demonstrate both qualities of leadership and a willingness to learn new skills and ways of looking at situations. Students will be given opportunity to apply the skills they learn in various PPAR settings. A majority of Leadership Academy Graduates have served PPAR as Board of Directors of both PPAR and RSC and have gone on to serve at State and National levels. To begin the process of enrolling in the PPAR Leadership Academy, contact any PPAR Director, CEO Amy Reid (areid@ppar.org) or Education Coordinator Verna Dugan (vdugan@ppar.org). Space is limited to 25 students per year.

Course Content

The Leadership Academy classes conducted between January through June of each year. Most sessions are required while others are optional -but highly recommended.

Required Sessions:

  1. Kickoff Reception – Your opportunity to learn about this progressive program and what your commitment expectations are.
  2. PPAR Organization – This will give you an overview of PPAR and RSC, including the finance of both.
  3. IREM Economic Forecast Breakfast – an economic forecast for the Pikes Peak region given by industry leaders predicting their economic predictions for the coming year.
  4. Two Strategic Planning Meetings -This forecast meeting addresses changes in the real estate market. Participants are given the opportunity to participate in writing the next two year Strategic Plan for PPAR.
  5. Conflict Resolution – This classes discusses scenarios of situations that arise for leadership and present proposed solutions
  6. Enforcement of the Code of Ethics-learn the basic and practical aspects of the REALTOR® Professional Standards program, grievance procedures and ethics/arbitration proceedings.
  7. Two Board of Director Meetings-You get the opportunity to observe and participate in both PPAR and RSC Board of Director Meetings to gain perspective on how official business is conducted at the Board of Director level.
  8. CARVAN - You will travel to Pueblo for a session with members of the both the Pueblo and State Associations.
  9. **REALTOR® Day at the Capitol – Be a part of the team of members who travel to Denver to meet with legislators and discuss issues affecting the real estate industry
  10. YOUR CHOICE: Choose between one of two optional classes listed below:

Optional Sessions:

  1. **REALTOR® Rally-attend a day filled with education sessions and an incredible tradeshow. May attend this instead of REALTOR® Day at the Capitol
  2. PPAR Day at the Legislature – optional session but strongly suggested attendance if held.

Leadership Academy Details

Cost for PPAR Members

The investment of $100 includes all meetings, breakfasts, dinners and transportation to and from some of the sessions. Excluded is $30 fee for the Enforcement of the Code of Ethics class.

Letter of Commitment

Each student must sign a Letter of Commitment at the first session.

Tracking and Certification

PPAR tracks each session taken by students. After successful completion of all required courses, Leadership Academy Graduates are recognized at the yearly Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast meeting and receives a certificate of completion.

Past Leadership Academy Graduates

Class of 2015

Monika Breckenridge
Jacob Burger
Gayle Caldwell
Casey Clark
Paul Collins
Dianna Daily
Tracey Fergerson
Rick Flaks

Susan Foote
Debbie Howes
Ann Kidd
Tom Lazzaro
Chris Lutyen
Adrian Manzanares
Jose Medina
Jenelle Meyer

Kelly Michels
Daniel Muldoon
Patrick Muldoon
Gabriele Onofre
Jason Poisson
Baylee Ridlen
Julie Steigerwald
Robert Werthman

Class of 2014

Andy Bechtel
James Beckham
Patti Henschen

Wayne King
Matt Owens
Elizabeth Pudder

Irina Riley
Sarah Stowell
Susan Vineyard
Jon Zimmerman

Class of 2013

Jermaine Butler
Dawn Grubbs
Bill Hays

Simon Penner
Esther Renaud
Mark Rudolph

Mindy Sachaj
Anali Siegle

Class of 2012

Becky Baker
Nathan Banet
Charles Birger
Jennifer Boylan
Jerry R. Clark
Lauren Collier
Jacob Curbow

Treasure Davis
Maggie Easton
Sara Emery
Deb Hemmann
Jeri Hendrix
Vidky Holt
Linda Richie

Lindsey Samelson
JP Speers
Gary Thompson
Derek Wagner
Mariana Wagner
Jariah Walker
Jon Walker

Class of 2011

Claudia Banza
Kevin Betts
Dawn Brooks White
Keven Cleveland
Charles D'Alessio
Alexandra Daugherty
Amos Garlan
Debra Gries

John Holdren
Janice Holloway
Alphie Hutmacher
Donna Major
Wayne Minks
George Nehme
Zeno Nolet

Angie Parker
Dorrie Stewart
Scott Sufak
Stephanie Tanis
Kathy Tutko
Richard Wilson
Kate Zeh-Adams

Class of 2010

Jay Carden
Ron Curry

Cheryl Dingwell-Keckritz
Marsha Markwalder

Gloria Mendoza
Tom Yukman

Class of 2009

Renate Carrier
Tony Clement
Mary Fryer
Bill Havens

Christine Hunt
Joan Musgrove
Tom Platek
Hank Poburka
Jason Rosheck

Kimberly Rossback
Kira Ruybalid
Barbara Stanley
Irene Tanis
Kathy Torline

Class of 2008

Eileen Healy
Tony Matthews

Daniel Murty

Kim Schultz

Class of 2007

Frank Fanelli
Don Gardner
Deanna Lang

Beverley Medlin
Barbara Panczykowski

Patricia Schmidt
Tony Rose

Class of 2006

Barbara Asbury
Angie Austin
Enid Beitzel

Tom Hyde
Randy Reynolds
Sherry Romero

Herman Susser
Chuck Ziegler

Class of 2005

Darcy Ciambello
Jim Hansen
Darlene Hixon

Linda Schauer
Scott Shephard
Roy Vasquez

Brian Wess
Chuck Woodard

Class of 2004

Sonya Anyanwu
Jack Beuse
Cherri Fischer

Neal Gunn
Alan Lovitt
Lisa Malnate Jonesr

Cheryl Schemanski
Ron Sommers
Sam Terrell

Class of 2003

Rachel Buller
Neal Gunn

Jay Gupta
Theda Numm

Ron Sommers

Class of 2002

Harry Borowski
Skip Howes

Bob Longgrear

Todd McLain

Class of 2001

Howard Burr
Bob Cope
Paul Goldenbogen

Ron Mangiarelli
Charles Schoninger

Hal Walter
Darrell Wass

Class of 2000

Alan Clark
Ginger Clark
Dianne Dempsey
Steve Glisan

Frank Howard
Michael Labout
Wynne Palermo

Patty Strauch
Patricia Thompson
Lori VanDerWege

Class of 1999

Khale Burkett
Rosalinda Chaney
Pam Chapdelaine
Michael Craddock
Gary Esienbraun
Marian Grier

Geny Hawkins
Rob Henderson
Carl Johnson
Robert Jones
Robin Kunze

Linda Lafferty
Chris Lozano
Judy Music
Monika Newman
Damon Zinn