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Education - Questions and Answers


Who must take continuing education?

All real estate agents need to track your own continuing education (CE) class certificates for four years. It’s easy – you take a class with CE credit, at the end of class you are given a certificate, you go back to your office and you place it into a certification file. When and if you are audited – you simply pull out your file and verify your CE credits with the auditor. However, as a benefit to all PPAR members, your classes taken through PPAR are kept in your education record on file. You may email Verna Dugan, our Education Coordinator, at vdugan@ppar.org to pull a replacement certificate for you should the need arise.

Who is NOT required to complete continuing education?

Licensees renewing an inactive license or converting to inactive status upon renewal.

How do I meet the continuing education requirements?

Each active licensed broker must complete the “Annual Commission Update Course” every year(12 hours) during each license period plus electives (12 hours) to total 24 hours of education during their current license period. A licensee may NOT take the same version of the Annual Commission Update course more than once during each year. If an agent fails to take the Annual Commission Update Course in their license period, the Commission requires them to complete the 24 hour “Broker Reactivation” course, OR a licensee may take and pass the state portion of the broker licensing exam during their renewal cycle.

When must continuing education be completed?

Before renewing any active license. Licenses now expire on your anniversary date, and all education must be completed before renewing an active license, before applying to re-activate an inactive license or before applying to reinstate an expired license on active status.

How does a licensee prove completion of continuing education?

Licensees must retain their own file of course completion certificates for at least 4 years. Licensees: DO NOT send certificates to the Real Estate Commission unless you have been audited and requested to do so by them. The Annual Commission Update Course is a yearly requirement for all active licensees. If you fail to complete these courses during each renewal cycle and/or you fail to complete the additional hours of elective continuing education during a renewal period, you may be found delinquent on a continuing education random audit and assessed a fine under the license law. Hours in excess of 24 may not be carried forward into the next license period. Ethics is required every two years by the National Association of REALTORS®. While this course is not required by the Commission to renew your license, you may certainly use CE hours earned from taking the course as elective credits for license renewal if taken during your licensing period. We are now in the 1st year of the Biennial requirement (2017-2018) All agents will need to take some kind of an Ethics course before the end of 2018.

Do I really need to take the Annual Commission Update Course Each Year?

Yes. The Annual Commission Update Course is a yearly requirement, including newly licensed agents. All agents (even new agents just getting licensed this year) must take the 4 hour class EVERY YEAR. 12 of the 24 hours needed to renew your license needs to be the Annual Commission Update Course. The Real Estate Commission will have the new yearly Update Courses ready for taking in January. If you prefer to take the Annual Update Course online, WWW.VANED.COM will have the latest version.

Please note: licenses expire on your anniversary date, not at the end of the expiration year.

If an agent has missed one of the at least three Annual Commission Update Courses in his/her licensing period, the Division of Real Estate will require a 24 hour Broker Reactivation Course be taken. Course contains all 24 hours needed to renew a license, however, course does not include Ethics. Broker Administration course is still available for those wanting to employ agents. Both courses are found online at WWW.VANED.COM. Please contact the Division of Real Estate if your license has been inactive for over a year at 303-894-2166

For the PPAR Education Schedule of classes, please CLICK HERE

Do I need to track my continuing education credits?

When you take your education classes through PPAR, your classes are automatically tracked for you. If you get audited by the Division of Real Estate, simply call PPAR to get a report of the class dates attended at PPAR. The Commission will not accept an education transcript as proof of classes taken. They will require a copy of your certificates as proof of education taken in license period. If you take classes from other entities, you will need to keep a record of the classes taken and have a certificate in your personal file. If you get audited – you will have all the information you need at your finger tips.