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Placing a License on Inactive

Contact the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Division of Real Estate for any questions regarding your license at 303.894.2166, or visit the DORA website.

Placing a License on Inactive Status Steps:

1. License must be showing inactive on the Division of Real Estate website.

2. If your account is in good standing when you go Inactive, you may qualify to receive your SentriLock deposit refund. Your refund request must be received in writing, email membership@ppar.org.

Paperwork must be received by the end of business on the 10th day of the month that you are going inactive. You will be responsible to pay for RSC Participation fees and/or key lease fees for that month if paperwork is not received by the 10th.

If you are planning on temporarily inactivating your license, please contact membership for further details at 719-633-7718 or by emailing membership@ppar.org.