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Step 1:
Request a letter of good standing from your primary REALTOR® Association.

Step 2:
Complete the appropriate applications.

Step 3:
After all forms are completed, return the forms along with application fees and dues to PPAR –

  1. Bring it to our offices located at 430 N. Tejon Street, Suite #101 BEFORE 4:00 Monday-Friday
  2. Email a PDF of the packet to membership@ppar.org
  3. Fax them to 719.476.8166


    PPMLS Only
  1. One Time Application Fee: $50 due at time of application
  2. Monthly PPMLS Fee: $47 per month with $141 (3 Months) due at time of application
  3. Total Due at Time of Application: $191

  4. PPMLS and Key
  5. PPMLS Fees: $191 due at time of application with $47 monthly after first 3 months.
  6. One Time SentriLock Usage Deposit and Activation Fee: $150 due at time of application
  7. SentriLock Monthly Usage Fee: $9 per month (3 month prepayment $27)
  8. One Time SentriLock Card Fee including tax: $8.66 due at time of application
  9. Total Due at Time of PPMLS and Key Application: $376.66

** Please note: applications cannot be processed until all application fees and dues are received. If you email or fax in your paperwork, you will need to call us with payment information or mail a check to: PPAR Membership, 430 N. Tejon Street, Suite #101, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. See the above List of Fees for dollar amounts and details on whom to make the check payable to. Please allow 2 business days to complete your application. You will be signed up for your Ethics and Orientation classes at the time of application. Your MLS class will be scheduled after PPAR has processed your application.